Mushroom Identification?

I'm wondering if anyone can help identify these mushrooms? I think this may be a type of Inky Cap Mushroom, which is an edible mushroom. And is safe when picked early when the gills are still white and seem solid. It has a pleasant mild taste. As it matures, the gills become darker and more visible. It eventually turns black and liquefies. Therefore it must be cooked quickly after harvest as it takes only a short time to break down and spoil

Inky Cap Mushrooms are also called Tippler's Bane because if consumed within a few days of alcohol consumption there is a very unpleasant reaction.

My boyfriend took these photos with his cell phone. When our 7 year old buddy, Jayde, saw them she was excited that he had taken pictures of a fairy ring...

I thought they were interesting and beautiful too, and became curious about them. I found the possible ID and further information even more intriguing
This is not a positive identification. I had never seen these mushrooms before, and am not knowledgeable in edible or poisonous mushrooms. Do not eat wild mushrooms unless you are well versed and completely sure in the safe consumption of wild plants and mushrooms.


  1. Looks like Shaggy Mane and ARE safe to eat. I just discovered a fairly big patch of inky cap in my own backyard that are not shaggy mane. I suspect they may be the kind that reacts with alcohol. I drank a single beer last night so unfortunately I will admire these from a distance rather than up close and personal ;-)

    I have recently become interested in mycology after finding a giant puffball in its prime, sauteing and eating it (out-of-this-world-delicious) and more recently a bearded tooth (better yet). I've bought 4-5 books on identification and would recommend the National Audubon's Field Guide to mushrooms of North America as my favorite.

  2. how about the substrate used to grow oyster is only straw they grow out of or any other way

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  3. Thanks for the interesting comment, Skeleton in my closet :) I've heard that Puffballs are edible and delicious, but after stomping on them to release the powdery 'smoke' as a child I can't imagine it! I am not confident enough in my mushroom identification to dare to take a nibble. Though I love finding them in the wild and eating those sold in stores!