Sunlit Icicles

One nice thing about an ice storm is the beauty it creates when the sun finally shines! When the trees were glazed with a layer of ice yesterday morning the sky was overcast. But with this evening's sunset, the slanted rays targeted these crystalline stalactites and seemed to set them afire. Though this photo did not capture the full affect, there was actually a bright aura of reflected light that surrounded them, shrouding them with glory. Beautiful! 

"In Icicle I try to regain the innocence of my childhood." - Hit Krant

"It's very unusal for Michael not to show up for work. My guess, he's either deeply depressed or an icicle has snapped off his roof and impaled his brain. He has this terrible habit of standing directly underneath them. And staring up at them. And I always say, "Michael, take two steps back and stare at the icicle from the side." And he's like, "no, I like the way they look from standing directly underneath them." It was only a matter of time." ~ Dwight Schrute

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